Rebecca Odgers

Once a sculptor and now a mother of two intriguing girls, yoga has been a background to so many things in my life for nearly 20 years.  It is now fully at the forefront, with a daily practice and teaching under the guidance of Sundernath (Shandor Remete), founder of Shadow Yoga / Nrtta Sadhana and initiate of the Goraksha Sampradaya of the Kanpatha Yogis, and Emma Balnaves the director of Shadow Yoga / Nrtta Sadhana.  

My passion and commitment to Shadow yoga is shared in a warm, caring, friendly environment mostly to my local community of Camberwell. I have been a resident in this area for over a decade and have been teaching for a number of years.  You might run into my dog Billy and I at Fritz Holzer dog park, find me shopping at the Boroondara Farmers Market, or riding my bike to Camberwell Primary School with my youngest daughter Ruby.  I love this area and feel genuinely curious and delighted by my students and the community at large and so gain much pleasure from teaching.

Yoga Yamabushi

Yoga Yamabushi? No it’s not some kind of exotic plum. Growing up, living and a lifetime of travelling across Asia have allowed me to be exposed to a range of traditional practices….including the spiritual, martial and healing arts.

In Japan, Shugendo is a term to describe a way of inner cultivation through training and testing. The approach demands that no teaching is believed until it has been tested and proved in oneself. In medieval times this term was given to the practices of mountain ascetics who absorbed some of the many teachings that were brought from India via China over thousands of years.  The general population called these ascetics Yamabushi (those who sleep in the mountains).

These energetic practices continue to be the inspiration for my own study and for the name of my studio.

You ask me why I dwell in the green mountains;
I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care. As the peach-blossom flows down stream and is gone into the unknown, I have a world apart that is not among men.
— Li Po.