Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga invites us to remember the movements and feelings of our natural body; our unobstructed body.  The key principles of Shadow Yoga allow our natural structure and movement to emerge in a gentle, incremental way. 

In the beginning this is taught with fixed forms and over time we work towards a freestyle practice.  If you have had the pleasure of watching a baby grow and have seen it move seamlessly from one side of the body to another, forward and backwards, turning left to right, and up and down as it learns to crawl and walk you will recognise some of the patterns and movements within Shadow Yoga.  

However, the movements learnt in Shadow Yoga come from Sundernath's (Shandor Remete's) tireless investigation into martial arts, Kathakali dance, Bharatanatyam dance, Ayurveda, Marmastana and every aspect of Yoga, ancient and modern. The result is a practice that strengthens your body and mind, allowing you to align yourself effortlessly with your environment, so you are able to move forward through life's trials and tribulations with grace.

The process of enlightenment is a dynamic evolving activity, and not a fixed state of attachment, as many conceive it to be. The practice of Yoga requires an open, fluid and sensitive mind, which should not be confused with an emotional mind.
— Sundernath (Shandor Remete), Shadow Yoga Chaya Yoga.