Shadow Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is suitable for anyone, at any age, with any ability.  There is no need to be fit or flexibly or strong or a particular body type, the classes are open to all.

Shadow Yoga is taught in a course format, each class builds and adds to the class before. It is important to sign up for a whole term, make a commitment and turn up.

It is designed so you will quickly be able to practise yoga at home.  The real benefits come from slowly introducing a little bit of yoga into your daily life and not just attending a weekly class.

  • Don’t eat 2-4 hrs before class. If you want to cultivate the Uddiana bandah this is crucial.
  • You don’t need a mat, as Surendranath says 'the floor is your teacher'.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothes that are not too baggy
  • Always arrive on time for obvious reasons. Please let me know if you can’t make it or are going to be late.  Each class starts with a chat and a check in to see how everyone is going.
  • Always let me know if something comes up or is troubling you as I’m here to help and to prevent any harm.
  • And be patient.  All good things take time.

For women it is very important not to practice when menstruating.  There is a specific restorative menstrual practice for women.  To find out more please read 'Yoga For Women', written by Emma Balnaves.

During class please let me know if you are menstruating and instructions with be provided for the day of your menstrual cycle.  Restorative activity is given for the first 3 days, slowly entering back into the practice over 7 days.  You are welcome to attend class during the first 3 days of your cycle to do a restorative practice or to watch the class; or you may chose to stay at home and rest.  I really cannot impress upon you enough the importance of being aware of the rhythm of your cycle, trying to plan your months around it and not committing to too much activity when you are menstruating.  Rest, rest, rest because the benefits are huge.

Stirring in deep oceans
The dragon wave lifts,
Pulls on the sky. Lightning thunders,
Yet leaves no trace.
— John Evans, Kurikara "The Sword And The Serpent".