Winter Winds

It is time to settle into winter as we say goodbye to another beautiful Melbourne Autumn, to the mobs of noisy Corellas, the spectacular sunsets and sunrises and the last warmth of the late morning sun. The air is damp and the days are short but if you have any native plants in your garden many are just coming into full bloom.  A reminder that here in Melbourne winter is really not that long and we never get the true closing in of other colder zones and so time is of the essence to really profit from this brief period of deep Yin energy.

As this Yin energy is strongest around the shortest day which was Wednesday 21st June, use these coming school holidays to truly rest.  Particularly for those of you still struggling with the many colds that have been hanging around. Sleep long (yes go to bed early but sleep in too!), take time to feed yourself well with slow cooked food and sit for longer at the end of your practice or even try starting your practice in Savasana like we did on Friday.  For more information on Yin winter foods according to Chinese Medicine and kidney health, the organ of winter,  you might like to check out this link

This Winter I have been fermenting porridge.  In Sally Fallon’s definitive cookbook Nourishing Traditions she says ‘For highest benefits and best assimilation, porridge should be soaked overnight or even longer.'  She suggests using warm water, however, I use cold water and then soak for 2 days.  I have 2 little jars covered in muslin ready to go each morning.  And each morning I prepare the next one for the day after!  Such an easy routine to get into.  I use 1/3 cup per person and cover well with water.  You can also add a spoonful of kefir or whey from your yogurt to aid the fermentation process however, the oats will start to ferment on their own.  Once soaked, I just tip the whole thing into a small pot, add a little more water and a pinch of salt and cook on a medium to low heat, stirring continually as it cooks up really quickly.  The product is a smooth, creamy full flavoured porridge that is far superior to the usual quick oats and a perfect panacea to these cold winter mornings.  Sally Fallon also suggests stirring through a spoonful of ground flax seeds into the cooked oats for a more hearty meal. And if you would like some more information on the goodness of flaxseeds check out this link:

And a reminder that we only have classes next week on Monday and Tuesday before the term break. Please remember to pay by EFT before the start of term or bring cash to the first class.

Classes start back on Monday 17th July and it is a 9 week term finishing on Friday 15th September

$180 – 1 class/week for 9 weeks

$270 – 2 classes/week for 9 weeks

$324 – 3 classes/week for 9 weeks

Rebecca Odgers