Spring - the season of activity.



the natural energy of Spring, the season of activity.

Just as everything in nature is starting to move, sprout and grow, so too it is good for us to spend time in meaningful activity.  It is easy at this time to be a buzz, to let ourselves get carried away with energy that we see and feel all around us, but we need to keep in mind that in nature nothing is hurried and everything is grounded in the earth. Sundernath says in his book on Shadow Yoga: "One must begin at the root and grow with patience and grow with persistence.”  Otherwise all our work becomes superficial and caught up in our emotions, our likes, dislikes and wants.


"One must begin

at the root and grow with patience and grow with persistence.”

In class this term we will be keeping everything moving and light.  Yes that means more Surya Namaskar but also looking at the way we move from one shape into another; the space in-between.  We will also focus on keeping some meaningful activity between classes by bringing back our weekly Yoga challenges.  This is where I set a little bit of home work each week of something that we have focused on in class.  This is the term to really develop your home practice which is fundamental to making this activity meaningful.  It will also serve you well when the classes stop for the long summer break.

Noodle soup.JPG

Even though the sun is shining much more and we are experiencing warmer weather it’s not yet time for summer food.  Choose foods that keep you grounded like oats, warming mild spices and sprouting green vegetables like broccoli and kai-lan, both in season now.  Also, take advantage of grapefruit and lemon, both at the peak of their season, to help support the liver. It’s also not time yet for summer clothes.  The weather is still unpredictable, so remember to keep rugged up and don’t let yourself get cold.  When we get cold at this time of year it goes deep into your bones.


See you in class

I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go after the holidays and my first swim of the season.

Rebecca Odgers