Winter - time to slow down and stoke the fire.


The energy of Winter

Is mellow and slow.

Some of us thrive with this more measured pace, relishing in the inward feeling of Winter, others feel stagnant and sluggish and long for warmer weather and lighter days. No matter what your constitution is, or your preference it’s helpful if we remember that it is all just energy. Energy is neither good nor bad as some tend to think, it just is, and if we can get away from the feelings that we associate with certain energies, we give ourselves space to thrive. This can also help us cope with pain. If we can overcome the feelings associated with pain, the frustration, the anger, the sense of failure, or misfortune, or the worry that it’s something maleficent, and just see the pain, as energy we may begin to find some relief. If we just let it be, let it do it’s thing, mostly it will serve it’s purpose and move on. If we feed it with too much attention, it will multiply. If we distract the mind it will just do it’s thing in the background. This is what we observe in Mother Nature and is also true in ourselves.

Our Full and New Moon classes help us connect with the different energies around and within us.

By being aware of the waxing and waning of the moon we may get a sense of things that are greater than ourselves and a realisation that everything is constantly shifting and changing, it’s all just a phase! So put the full and new moon dates in your diary, learn to recognise the shift in energy and come to a moon class! There are 3 moon classes this term that coincide with our timetable: Thu 1 Aug, Thu 15 Aug, Fri 30 Aug. Feel free to come along, even if they are not your usual classes. The classes sit outside the usual Shadow Yoga Preludes and are a full restorative practice that is a very useful practice to know. It is similar to the menstruation practice and can be used, not only to coincide with the moon energy but whenever it feels needed.

Thursday evenings are back on!

So tell all your friends! It would be great to have a little more participation in the evening classes. There really is a different feel to practicing in the evening. For those that regularly come to to the morning classes it’s always good to try an evening class and relish in the long savasana at the end of the day!

This term I will still be offering private classes for those who need it. These classes are for students with injury or health problems, those who struggle to make it to the timetabled classes, those who are nervous about joining a group class, or those who would like to focus on something practical they are struggling with. So if you know anyone who may be interested please let them know.

The special rate for full-time students of $10/class for those that sign up for a term or $15 drop in will also be on offer this term, so if you know any full-time students please let them know.

In class this term we have 9 weeks to explore all 3 preludes! 3 weeks for each prelude.

The preludes are fixed forms, a series of movements, created by Shandor Remete and structured in such an intelligent way that is both incredibly efficient and effective. The 3 preludes are made to be remembered and practiced at home in your own time and space. As Shandor states on his webpage description of Shadow Yoga: “The texts also suggest that the set forms should contain within them the following bodily positions and movements for the proper development of the vital breath. Standing, Pumping, Sitting, Weighing, Lying (face-down, face-up, on sides), Forwards, Sideways (lateral), Backwards, Inversion, Spiral, Turning, Twisting. These twelve kinds of positions and movements have been adapted from the range of human activities including martial arts, dance and crafts of life, and from the plant and animal kingdoms. The appropriate combination of these activities with suitable rhythm and positioning brings about the unfolding of the inner powers hidden in the individual.”

So come to class this term to find your hidden powers!

For more information on Shadow Yoga take a look at there webpage. You can also buy the Shadow Yoga Book or download the app.

Rebecca Odgers